Consulting Services

Type of projects:

ü  Large-scale and residential grid-connected solar PV plants

ü  Off-grid systems (solar PV, small wind, pico-hydro and hybrid)

ü  Micro-grids (< 100 kVA) and Mini-grids

ü  Net metering and self-consumption

Scope of services:

ü  Site survey and evaluation of initial conditions

ü  Renewable energy resource identification and evaluation

ü  Assessment of most suitable technology from a Life Cycle Cost approach

ü  Preliminary reports and feasibility studies

ü  Full engineering design

ü  Elaboration of technical specifications for main equipment and materials

ü  Supporting or leading the procurement process

ü  Identification, evaluation and/or training of local contractors/installers

ü  Construction management

ü  Project management

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