International Consultancy – most recent and relevant activities in developing countries and international development:
2012-2013: Technical Project Management and business modelling for the implementation of renewable energy based off-grid systems in Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania (Renewable World)
Main projects: 
ü  Hybrid PV-diesel micro-grid with smart metering in Kemgesi (Tanzania)
ü  10 kW pico-hydro plant for the Kenyan Coffee Cooperative in Kugoma (Kenya)
ü  Solar water pumping for irrigation in 6 hill communities in Nepal
ü  Hybrid solar-wind system for Fishermen Community in Lake Victoria (Kisumu, Kenya)
2011: Engineering and Construction management role for the design and implementation of community-level micro-utility PV projects (also called "Shared Solar") for "Millennium Villages Project" in Uganda, Mali and Tanzania (The Earth Institute, Millennium Promise and UNDP)
2009: Feasibility study and preliminary design of a renewable energy based micro-grid to electrify a remote village in Nyamyumba, Rwanda (Swiss-based NGO Mabawa)
Projects in renewable energies and electrical infrastructures:
2014: Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Management of 660 kWp and 1.3 MWp grid connected PV Plants in Hazu and Komono (Japan) 
2013: Engineering Direction of 265 MWp grid connected PV Plant (Mount Signal Project) in Baja California (USA)
2011: Engineering and Construction management of 11 MWp Solar PV grid connected plant in Gujarat, India (Waaree Energy Ltd. and Solida Energías Renovables)
2010: Engineering, construction and project management of 4,1 MWp Solar PV Plant in Italy (Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción)  
2009-2010: Project management of 400 kV overhead high transmission line in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción)  
2007-2008: Engineering and construction management of grid-connected photovoltaic plant of 23 MWp in Cáceres, Spain (Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción)
2008: Engineering and construction management of grid-connected photovoltaic plant of 10 MWp in Murcia, Spain (Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción)
2007: Engineering management of grid-connected Solar PV plant of 11,5 MWp in Cáceres, Spain (Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción)
2006: Engineering management of grid-connected Solar PV plant of 1,89 MWp in Málaga, Spain (Soluciones Renovables S.L.)
Academic Contributions:
Author of Chapter “Technologies for energy conversion and end usage”; Springer Book “Renewable Energy Technologies for unleashing sustainable development”; Politecnico di Milano and UNIDO.
Key note speaker at Renewable Energy Learning Conference with “Smart Energy Access; The role of micro-grids" and “Support Mechanisms: The Renewable Energy Regulated Purchase Tariff ” 10-12 December, 2012. Kathmandu, Nepal (Renewable World and Statkraft)
Discussant at the “Energy and technology session”. Conference on Sustainable Energy Strategies for low and middle-income economies. 22-23 November, 2012. Milano, Italy (POLIMI and ICS-UNIDO)
Member of the Scientific Committee and key note speaker at Expert Group Meeting on“Potential of renewable energy options in off-grid areas in Africa: importance of mini-grid energy systems". 3-5 April 2012. Trieste, Italy (ICS-UNIDO)
Member of the Scientific Committee for the Workshop on “Renewable energy technologies for productive uses in West Africa”.17-19 April 2012. Trieste, Italy (ICS-UNIDO)
First prize of “Rwanda Electrification Challenge” (see this link) that aimed to generate high-level ideas for cost-efficient, reliable, standalone (off-grid) solutions which explore the use of multiple renewable energy sources for the electrification of remote areas in Rwanda.