Welcome to my new and exciting project: this website!

When working on commercial power plants, you may think you are making your small contribution for the change of the energy paradigm towards a more sustainable energy mix. But once you have had the chance to participe in International Development projects, you realize that the real change we should expect from our generation is about putting the energy to the service of human development...

International and regional institutions and organizations all around the world have been working (and still do it) in this direction. Information about lessons learned and current status reports, feasibility surveys and new economic models issued by these institutions are available and relatively easy to find in internet. Also private companies often launch new product lines focused on developing countries (the Renewable Energy off-grid market is especially dynamic in this regard) However this is a quite dynamic sector and therefore not always it is easy to be up-to-date of the latest.

And with this idea this website was born. This web will be my small contribution to let all stakeholders know what are the main trending topics and most innovative approaches in the field of powering developing countries, with main focus on SUSTAINABILITY. And I do not mean only from an environmental point of view but also from a long-term perspective. In this regard, Renewables will play an essential role and so, special attention will be paid.

In brief, the main goal of this new site is to bring on the table main topics related to energy International Development projects and hopefully become a meeting point for exchanging of innovative ideas and lessons learned. These topics could be classified as follows:

·         Techology state of the art

·         Financial schemes

·         Business operation models

·         Regulatory frameworks

·         Policy development

You might think this seems to be a very ambitious target... And probably you are not wrong... But nothing compared yet to the huge challenge of powering 1.3 billion people by the end of 2030!

I really hope you enjoy this new blog and find it useful for your interests, either through the information posted and/or the Consulting Services also offered in this web. Finally, in  References you will find an updated list of projects I have been involved in over the last years.

Looking forward to meeting you here soon.

Sunny regards,

Emilio Simonet
Una (Gujarat, India), October 2011