Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Microgrid Deployment Workshop 2014.

This year edition of the Microgrid Deployment Workshop will be held in the always exciting Spanish city of Barcelona on September 23 and 24.
The Microgrid Deployment Workshop of this year is co-organized by Homer Energy and Trama Tecnoambiental and is open to all energy industry professionals who are working to plan, deploy, and optimize microgrid systems in a variety of contexts. As last year edition, the goal is to create the right environment to share experiences, best practices, and practical strategies for achieving microgrid success. The agenda of the 2014 Workshop is now available to consult on this link:
Both days of the Workshop will consist of panel sessions that examine the key steps and best practices for evaluating, designing, implementing, and optimizing microgrid projects. The case studies and lessons learned to date will give attendees a reality-based understanding of the critical factors driving successful microgrid deployment. The afternoon of Day 2 will offer in-depth, hands-on training in the effective use of the HOMER software, facilitated by Dr. Lilienthal himself, CEO of Homer Energy.
Topics covered  will include:
  • Categories of microgrids & case studies
  • Architectural choices & conceptual design
  • Renewable penetration
  • DC vs AC architectures
  • Regulatory issues
  • Business case analysis
  • Controls and power engineering                    
  • Storage and load management
  • Community relations & cultural issues
  • Cyber security considerations
  • Financing and procurement issues
  • Microgrid operations and business management
  • Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!