Friday, July 5, 2013

Microgrid Deployment Forum 2013: Implementing Island and off-grid solutions

Fig1: Transition path from off-grid to full grid connection (Source:
Homer Energy is organising the Microgrid Deployment Fórum 2013, a two-day event that will examine business cases, optimal technology mixes and critical steps for successfully deploying microgrid systems in remote, island, and off-grid environments.
The event will be held next November 8-9 in Cancun (Mexico) and for sure will be a fantastic opportunity to bring together project and technology developers, system owners and utilities, and other energy professionals from across the industry for in-depth information sharing and networking.
As already anticipated at this site (please visit the post "Micro-grids and Sustainable Energy Markets" for further details), the potentality of microgrid market is huge, especially within the off-grid sector, but also as a perfect vehicle for the transition from island systems to full grid interconnection (see Fig1 above)
Key drivers for the deployment of microgrids over the next years will be the attractive financial returns from reducing diesel fuel consumption when including Renewable Energy sources in the generation mix, but also the reduction of CO2 emissions and, not less important, achieving energy self-sufficiency.
Day 1 - Friday, November 8, 2013
Microgrid Business and Technology Issues: Designing and Achieving an Effective Deployment.
The first day  will consist of a series of panel sessions that systematically analyze the key steps and requirements for deploying hybrid energy microgrid systems.
Day 2 - Saturday, November 9, 2013
HOMER Training and User Group Meeting.
The second day will consist of an in-depth, hands-on training workshop focused on the use of HOMER Energy software for the design of such systems.
Topics of interest will include:
  • Microgrid Market Dynamics, Growth & Barriers
  • Recent Advances in Controls, Load Management, Power Engineering, & Storage
  • Conceptual Design and Pre-Feasibility Analysis
  • Non-Technical Factors: Local Stakeholder Issues, Permitting, Community Relations, and Cultural Considerations
  • Financing: Off-Taker Creditworthiness, Capital Structures, & Incentives
  • Microgrid Procurement, Construction, & Commissioning
  • Microgrid Operations, Maintenance, & Management Issues

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