Saturday, June 29, 2013

7th International Conference on PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids Conference, Germany, April 2014


Next conference on PV-hybrid systems and mini-grids will take part in Bad Hersfeld (Germany)
This conference, held every two years, is a unique opportunity for end-users, industry, experts and scientists to meet and discuss on latest developments, share experiences on worldwide installations and case studies and learn together on the state of the art of the technology and business models.

Topics of the Conference 2014 will cover:
1. Political, economic and regulatory frameworks

2. Business models

3. System components

- Storage technologies
- Power electronics
- Power generation

4. System technology
- PV-hybrid systems with any energy source
- Simulation and sizing
- Standardization

5. Energy management and grid control

- Information and communication technologies (ICT)
- Energy management strategies
- Metering and grid / load control

6. User interaction

- Training programmes
- Social and behavioural aspects

7. Field experience and lessons learnt
- Operation and maintenance
- Socio economics
- Sustainability

Call for papers on the above topics has been just issued. Deadline for submissions of abstracts is October 21st, 2013.
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Looking forward to meeting to in Germany.
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