Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Course on Renewable Energies for Decentralized Systems

As a contribution to addressing some of the most pressing needs of DCs and countries in economic transition, and taking into account the new globalization context and the opportunities created by advanced applied sciences and adequate advanced technologies to provide beneficiary countries with innovative solutions, ICS is organizing a dedicated Summer Course on Renewable energies or decentralized systems: supporting tools and best practices for green energy and sustainable development in collaboration with UNIDO, the ALMA Graduate School of the University of Bologna, the Politecnico di Milano and the ISF (Ingegneria senza frontiere Milano) to be held in Trieste from 4 to 8 June 2012.

The Summer Course is addressed to 18 young students, mainly from African countries but also from other countries, following an International Green Energy MBA programme at the ALMA Graduate School of the University of Bologna. Lecturers (14 professionals) are mainly professors from the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Trieste besides ICS international experts.

The Summer Course will focus on specific topics related to key areas such as energy access, renewable energies and energy efficiency in industry. The objectives are:

• To provide a theoretical and factual framework for identifying and selecting renewable energy technologies and appropriate RE options

• To share experiences and casestudies including socioeconomic impacts in addition to

technological development through handson exercises

• To provide a forum for discussion on the particular challenges and appropriate strategies for sustainable industrial development in DCs, with a particular focus on energy

• To share experiences and stories among representatives of the participating countries

• To expose the studenttrainees to uptodate technologies and provide them with all necessary information on additional training opportunities.

And the main topics of the Summer Course are will be:

• Access to affordable energy in developing countries

• Decentralized energy for productive activities

• Role of international organizations in development and energy access

• Sustainability and economic growth: creating income and protecting the environment

• Introduction to renewable energy policies, technology trends and potential

• Technology transfer: adaptation and sustainability

• Selection of RE technologies, lowcarbon technologies

• Industrial energy efficiency

• Best practices in renewable energy utilization in industry

• Assessment and planning of resources including GIS technology.

Through the link below you will get access to the scheduled webcasts of the event: